EA133 - Highest Vibrational Energy


Hello Son,

Highest Vibrational Energy

When you reach this point, there is no vibration but stillness and through this there is acceleration into light speed.

In the third dimensional world of gravity and endless vibrational energies from all living or non living things, we are simply pounded in all sides by vibrations. Some are positive and others do harm to us.

As soon as we turn our thoughts to the Creator and reach the silence, a connection is made that rids away the dual vibration, mixed frequencies and gathered into a point of nothingness.

In this silence a connection is made and we know instantly of this connection of pure harmony and wisdom. This point is the end of dual vibration and third dimensional frequencies. We reach a vibration of nothing but instantaneous action. It is like reaching the point of infinity at once, such is the speed one can achieve.

When we reach this point, we have gained the trust of the Creator and his secret wisdom and knowledge. The Creator’s knowledge at this point is instant and is beyond the understanding from the senses of this world.

We will not be able to comprehend or even try to explain the meaning as words mean nothing. The Creator in return will give a person improved senses that is able to understand these new high vibrational energy.

This the target you should all aim to achieve, make this your own personal goal and do not settle for anything less.

This pure knowledge is the expansion of the consciousness to a super consciousness.

Your mother, inviting all to seek out the secret within yourselves and the point of oneness.