EA132 - The Illusion


Hello Son,

The Illusion

We are led to believe that we are drowning from the stress of money and life in general. Establishments, corporations and general management have an agenda based on competition and greed; so they have little concern on how you feel as a person.

It does not matter how many times that you explain to them that their structure is wrong, because they simply cannot see with their spiritual eyes and wisdom. Their whole world is based around the senses of the third dimension and a lack of faith in believing of a Creator.

Many would argue that they do believe but their promises are hollow and have no weight to them.

They are trapped for eternity with this illusion that all there is what they can see. They have no concept of the soul or of life after death. So do not try to convince or educate these type of people; instead leave it up to the Creator for it is He who will shine His light to turn to Him.

Oh mankind, once you have recognised yourselves and how you function, belief will replace knowledge and understanding. Then truth and wisdom will follow.

Yes, it is happening to you all, and praise yourselves for finding the knowledge from the curiosity that led you here.  Now live in harmony in your daily lives and stay away from turbulent areas of life. Stay away from darkness and quickly get back into the light.

The illusion of this world is only temporary and is soon disappearing and will be replaced by living in the Now. All parallel universes of yourselves will merge into one. There will be no duality but moving into singularity.

In other words you will live in the Now, there will be no past or future lives, but only the current time will exist. Time itself will collapse for it will not be needed.

Mankind has lived around ones life according to a clock and even panicked once a time had run out to do something. The Creator will rid of this unnecessary worry and will give you eternity to do things, and to perfect ourselves to match that to the frequency of the God higherself.

Your mother, advising you all to promote your life as a wonder of beauty as you have learnt from your experiences and now moving through to the fifth dimensional awakening.