EA131 - You Asked to Be Here


Hello Son,

You Asked to Be Here    

The Creator asked you a question and you replied that you wished to ascend at this time or witness the process.

We remind you all of this and it is coming soon, there is no doubt.

Oh mankind who ponder, lament and struggle through the challenging moments of your lives at this time, remember the reward is just a short time away. This goal will be given to all who has wished this.

You asked to be here and decided to carry on through the third dimensional realm to perfect yourself through many re-incarnations. How brave of you to struggle through life, however this does not have to be a struggle.

Oh mankind smile, change your mind set, routine and way of life so that you can enjoy the remaining time left before you turn into light bodies and enter the curtain to the fifth dimensional world.

Be at peace with yourselves and others alike.

You asked to be here so you are here, to witness all the events of history and see the truth with a different pair of eyes.

Your mother, in wisdom and patience all will be given to you and you will finally remember.