EA130 - Vibrations of Love


Hello Son,

Vibrations of Love

There is not a moment that has gone by when the vibration or energy of love has been used. It is this energy that the Creator fashioned all his creations in all of the universes in all of the galaxies.

You are filled with the light of love; when you speak any word, it is the vibration of love that is released first in the cosmos of space to reconnect to the universe. Every action, movement, speech or task is filled with the light of love.

But are you aware of this or do you acknowledge this sacred light?

A person whose whole life is filled with compassion to others and is careful with his words is swimming in the vibrations of love. He is at peace with all his senses. A calmness and wisdom will be rewarded to such a person who practises with others.

He becomes a role model in the eyes of the Creator and others will look up to him with respect. Even the Ascended Masters and the Prophets will acknowledge this noble deed.

Love is the foundation and makeup of life and everything we do. This is the Creators words and wishes us all to practice this in life from the heart and the mind.

Do not fool others with broken words that mean nothing; remember it is you that will be fooled.

Oh mankind, the energy of mercy and kindness is from the vibration of love; every time you act this out in your lives, the Creator will reward you in spiritual wisdom in the fifth dimensional world. Nothing is left out as the Creator rewards all good deeds.

As you carry on preparing yourselves to the fifth dimension, be kind and gentle with yourselves; you deserve the best the world has to offer so spend time raising your vibrations.

Your mother; you are loved and cherished every second of the day.