EA129 - Faster and Faster


Hello Son,

Faster and Faster
As more and more people begin to awake and find the truth, the changes in your life will be faster. Each time you seek out the truth about yourselves and the world, the changes will increase even faster.

However, as soon as you go back into despair, then time will seem slow and you will go back into the negativity which you all want to release. Oh mankind, stay in the light, stay in the positive and let the changes around your lives move forward in leaps and bound.

There has been a moment of pause between channelling to collect your thoughts and to digest the words of the Creator. They are meaningful and full of wisdom and need to be applied into action, for your minds are crying out for the changes and you feel this too.

The pace will increase faster and faster as long you all stay in the light and be excited upon all that is to come. Do not let situations and circumstances pull you down to the lower vibrations.

If this happens then snap out of it or even read something positive.

You are all here to bring harmony and balance to the world and by doing so ascension will happen quickly, so keep believing. You are all the catalyst of light, as every word you read, you spread the ripple in the fabric of time and space in the world.

Your every action is treasured by the cosmos and multiplied as you believe; so do not put yourselves down or belittle your evolutionary changes that are to come. We welcome you all in our hearts and we wait for you to connect to your higherselves.

Sometimes words cannot describe the excite the Ascended Masters are going through as we watch in silence and inspire you to ascension and a better way of life.

Your mother, you were born from the Creator’s light and soon you will meet the same light and begin to understand the truth.