EA128 - Create the Passion


Hello Son,

Create the passion

Oh mankind, passion is needed in everything you do at this time. Do not forget your responsibilities, otherwise your life will at this time will become dull and even confusing.

We are aware that you all seek ascension however, you are still living and habiting in the third dimensional frequencies. It is wise to balance your lives between the two.

By changing your approach in everything you do and your mental thoughts, then everything will become easier. It is this thought processes that are needed in your everyday lives. So do not stretch out the days because this is not needed.

We all wish you all to be happy during these transitional changes, which are happening all around the world. The evidence is there, so seek it out.

There is bewilderment in your daily routines with a dislike and resent in what you do. But remember, there is much to learn in these daily routines and challenges. This will help you when you ascend; do no forget how important your experiences are as they will soon be reveal to you, and until then be patient.

Oh mankind, we have watched you grow into the new you which is radiant inside everyone. So do not forget that the old thoughts and worries will soon be a distant memory and look forward to a new world, where there will be no hardships but complete happiness.

The energies flooding the world let them into your bodies. They will ignite the inner flame so be positive. Do not resist them and let them permeate inside your cells and soon the heart will open up to the truth.

Your mother; reminding that the passion lies inside of you and it is igniting the dormant mind.