EA127 - Passing Tides


Hello Son,

Passing Tides

It has been a challenging week for everyone, as situations in everyone’s lives are not settled. There are moments when we have to make decisions that require a lot of time to work out to make sure that the outcome is good for ourselves.

Did we not say that the world and the density is a turbulent zone and things can erupt from time to time.

This week in particular has been for yourselves to work things out and make the necessary changes. It is why we have not channelled this week. We have waited for the tides of change to pass away and let the ripples calm down.

As things become to settle down, for some the pain and challenges of this world are going to carry on until you attract the changes around you by doing something different; otherwise the same routine will carry on and you will fill with anger and more confuse inside.

Do not doubt your own abilities as you are filling up with the light of the Creator, yet you do not know what to do with this.

We suggest that you look inside for the answers and listen to hear for the result. We have suggested this before and it is the right time to listen again. Change is necessary and the old paradigm is no good to anyone except for those who wish to remain in this realm.

This is not you as demand the best for yourselves and your families and why not? As you have spent so much time perfecting yourselves over many cycles of reincarnations to get to this time period.
This is only the passing tides that will soon dissipate away into a slow ripple; until then keep believing and a time will come when the Creator, will make you forget these challenging and frustrating moments in all of your lives.

Your mother reminding that time is a healer and keep believing in yourselves in every moment of the day.