EA126 - Shadows are Disappearing


Hello Son,

Shadows are Disappearing

I am your Creator and will address you now;

The shadows are the veil that stops everyone from seeing the truth; this could be from not knowing to arrogance. Sometimes it is because of pressure and stress, which causes uncertainty and lowers our vibrations.

These veils are in everyone and no one is free from this. But be assured the month of March will see a clearing of negativity. Many people will begin to understand and they will say to themselves, ‘why did I not see that before’.

Mankind’s consciousness is rising daily and it will make a big leap forward in March. The first veil to be lifted is the dream state; they will see things that they have never seen before. Many will drive them forward to see the truth and find things out for themselves.

Others will start channelling for the first time and be encouraged to do so by the spiritual communities. There will be open co-operation and sadness will decrease as soon as they begin to understand.

A relief will fill the collective consciousness of the planet. However, this energy will not reach some areas as they are still not ready to accept the light of the Creator. Pray daily for them.

Once a single veil is lifted an insight will open; it is a gift from your Creator to be use wisely in preparation for Ascension. The dormant 90% of the brain will ignite and the brain will open to the understanding that is needed for these times. A patience and tolerance will overtake you, as each dilemma will be easily reasoned out by yourself.

There is no criticism of yourselves as Divine logic will stop you from arguing the moments of your situations.

This is the gift I give to mankind to those who listen and take heed during their lifetime of suffering and challenges in the material world. So continue with raising your consciousness and do not argue or pollute the atmosphere with negative vibes as people are still learning to understand these current times.

Remember too, many will not want to ascend and will shun any signs given to them. But your path is your path; leave these people to Me and I know which path their needs will be met.

Oh mankind, the month of March is holy, for it is the moment thousands will raise there vibrations further.

It is a time for silence and peace.

I am your Creator and give you this news so that you will understand that I have not forgotten you and still I send you my Divine light to open up the heart to understand. You are loved.