EA125 - Saint Germain - Part 8


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 8

I am Saint Germain and have come to you again to discuss the changes of this current time.

We have come to answer a query about the monetary system and the distribution of the world’s wealth onto the rest of the population. We accept that some of you are aware of the NESARA project and how it will be implemented, if not we suggest the readers to research this on the internet.

There are many of you who are in debt and have been for a long time and desperately need funds or some kind of payments to get by. However, until your own governments accept our proposals and distribute there wealth more fairly, the changes will have to be on hold, but ONLY for a short while, so do not worry.

However, those governments around the world that have accepted the proposals are making changes, but this is not been shown on the media, as the remaining dark lords of this world have still a hold on how the news is shown.

We remind you that each day you get by is a victory for you, because you are adjusting yourselves and how you spend. So in other words, you are already making an incredible change and the Creator is admiring your courage through these testing moments. So the little funds you have is going a log way as the Creator is expanding your wealth and making it go a long way for you.

We suggest you ask another question.

Oh dearest Saint, I feel a moment of silence as though we have gone backwards and people are doubting again?

You are absolutely right; however, there are many are still waking up daily, to replace the energy that is being lost to those who constantly doubt. However, this silence as you call it is because many people are being a little complacent and just waiting for events to happen.

We suggest to everyone to be active and spend the energy the Creator has given to you wisely and this will be replaced with fresh nourishing and inspiring vibrations that will lift you up. We remind you about what happens to stagnant water when it is left for a long time. Yes, you are beginning to understand; it turns bad and changes its refined qualities.

This happens to everyone if they do not do anything. The new wave that is flooding the planet is to be used for the progress of your own towards ascension. This wave is a gift never given to any race in the whole galaxy before; so we should give thanks to the Creator.

An active person is constantly replenishing his energies and as a result his thinking is different and is a positive person; regardless of what he does as a living. A believing active person triples and multiplies his energies as the Creator rewards him many times for his courage.

This is true wealth and is worth the weight in gold.

There is a greater need to bring back families and groups, as many are working individually. A groups energy multiplies over and over again such is the rewards the Creator gives.

I am Saint Germain and happy to come anytime to discuss any issues about the world and current events. May the Creator and his Divine knowledge inspire and give you wisdom through the darkness. May the love of this writer inspire you to greater glory of yourselves.