EA124 - Hope


Hello Son,


There is much confusion in the minds of many people around the world as many have not really understood the changes of this year and those who are still helpless in routines that create pressure and stress.

Be assured that changes are taking place and everyone’s path will change.

But we are aware that some of you are going through testing times and feel as though nothing is really happening and that the pace of changes is too slow; as a result have given up hope.

There is no need for drastic actions or measures but a cool head is needed during challenging moments. Every part or even a second in your life is leading you to a moment in the future. Every chaotic moment is also leading to an event in the future.

What does this mean?

Our experiences on Earth are priceless and they all have a meaning; until everyone’s connection is made, you will not understand why. But most are aware that daily experiences have a purpose and are part of an adventure for the soul and the growth of the mind, body and soul complex.

Oh mankind, look at the big picture of the great event, Ascension. This is your entire target and we ask you to maintain this focus and not be down at times. Try to blank out challenging times in your lives by going out or doing things differently or even watching T.V.

You are all a beacon of light and you all are emitting this light around where you live. This light the Creator has given you, and you are making a difference. Even in your face they say to you we do not believe, but their empty beliefs are slowly filling up from your light. They are like empty glasses and the Creator’s light is slowly filling them up.

Yes, it will take time, but sooner then you think.

Smile and smile again because you are all God’s children and he will never let anyone be misguided or fall away from the path, unless they choose to do so. We are guiding all of them and even your loved ones; so don’t be confused.

Oh mankind, you have not made communities of new changing beliefs; instead you read silently and in secret. There is no need, this is the time to share and speak what you think of the changes ahead.

Complete silence over ascension will only darken the atmosphere; however we respect your wishes and do accept that others are still way behind you.

Your mother; hope is everywhere and we admire how you are all tolerating the last moments of duality on this planet.