EA123 - Breaking Down Walls


Hello Son,

Breaking Down Walls

I am your Creator and will address you now;

Reality is what we see and this is everyone’s perception on the planet. Mankind has been a witness to this reality using the five senses to get by and make accurate judgements on occasions.

However, there is another reality of your dreams and this is the fourth dimension of spirits and souls. This reality is real as mankind all dreams and we have all heard of someone’s dreams.

Oh mankind, it is time to raise your vibrations before you go to sleep to witness the dreams and understand the journeys of your soul. It too has a life and wishes to educate and make a link with you.

It is time you break down the wall of your ego and let the positive energies flood into your heart and circulate around your body. Let it filter through into you mind to help, and in silence listen to the inner voice.

As you do this simple exercise daily, imagine that the ego is negativity and that it’s stopping you from releasing the positive energies from inside.

Your thoughts may interrupt your concentrations but let it through your mind and out, but do not concentrate on them. Let these common thoughts out and go back into your focus, this is quite common so do not feel bad about them.

As you contemplate, be happy and do not do this when you are sad or worried; if you wish, listen to something that will snap you out of your mood. Happiness and joy is the key to success and raising oneself when you are down is beneficial.

There is nothing beyond your potential and you must believe this wholeheartedly. Read and educate yourselves from the lies that have been given in all the media. Search for the truth daily until that belief gives you that positivity to do something.

Oh mankind, remember it is through your actions that changes will be made.

I am your Creator and luck is on your side and eternal happiness is your treasure.