EA122 - Soul Graduation


Hello Son,

Soul Graduation

I am your Creator and will address you now;

Carrying on from the previous message; death does not need to be so morbid or a fearful topic to discuss.

We remind you when I gave My knowledge to Adam, he was aware of all his senses; this was in the physical and spiritual realms. If we can make this connection then any loved ones passing away can be contacted. Then the fear of losing someone will be gone.

Death really is a graduation for the soul; in both cases if that person needs to reincarnate again then that is also good because he is given the chance to perfect himself and reach the frequencies of the higher dimensions after death. The other case is more of a graduation, when that soul has reached perfection and is ready to move up the realms.

In both of these examples it is something to celebrate.

If a soul graduates and moves up the higher realms, then he has another path, it is much easier then this third dimensional world of choice. We remind you on this world you are given choices and depending on them you make an action. However, due to our limited awareness you are unaware if you do the right thing after the result of your actions. This is a regular occurrence on this world and your emotions are very turbulent as a result.

A person reaches maturity when in the third dimensional world, and if he is able to unite the spiritual and physical self. This is done in stages,  examples of this are the connection through channelling or through meditation. When a person has this then he can be considered as a divine spirit. He will now go through a series of higher path to perfect the spirit further.

Oh mankind, this is what 2012 is all about. I have made this transition easier for you and the evidence of this graduation is on the website, so many people channelling and recording their visions and meditations. This year is the start of a miracle for you all when through choice and hard work you can all be that divine spirit.

After so many channelling by this writer, we hope you join others in moving in the higher dimensions; where you can join your past relatives and be happy. The choices that you made in this realm will be gone in the fifth as a purity of thought and living in the ‘now’ will be the norm. You will for eternity if you wish as there will be no illnesses or fear, but total happiness.

So if death is soon for you, rejoice because I am forgiving you all for your past deeds and that of all your relatives in the past. They will all be ascended in the higher realms.

Look forward to the changes of this world and rid the nuisances that pollute your thinking. Life will get easier for mankind so seek it out.

I am your Creator and with gladness that I narrate this to you all.