EA121 - Life and Death


Hello Son,

Life and Death

I am your Creator and will address you now;

There is much confusion and fear over the topic of life and death; however I will explain this as easiest as possible hoping that when you finish reading these words you will have a clearer picture of the topic and with due time the fear will have gone.

Firstly the human being consists of two realms of existence as we know it. This physical realm and the other is the spiritual realm. However, there is a realm that overlaps these two which we call the cosmos.

In the physical realm mankind is provided with all the needs to live and dwell in the world. If we analyse the human faculties, we have the five senses through which we view the experiences and act accordingly. Through the mental state and high level thinking mankind has flourished, we can just look at the inventions over time and how they have changed the world.

Mankind for it order to live, everything has been provided and the knowledge to develop through research anything.

I gave Adam this authority, to rule the universe and live out your lives in joy and happiness. The most point is that I gave him knowledge to do so and gave the necessary faculties too.

Life we know it is your experiences over time and every action, interaction, judgement, step, further actions, contemplation and decisions made, make your life.

We are aware of this so we do not necessary have any real fear. If there is any then it is concerns when we make decisions about something and not aware of the outcome. So any kind of fear in the physical realm is mental, because of the fear of not knowing something or simply a lack of knowledge.

We could go on but you are aware of life as you are all living the part of the play.

Death is the spiritual realm or the passage to this realm of existence. As most have not gone through this process we simply fear this realm. Unfortunately when death overcomes a person it is due to illness, old age or accidents, hence the fear mental thoughts race through the mind.

When this happens and we see death this way, we cry and remorse over the loss; again it is the lack of knowledge which creates the fear in the first place.

What we need to do now is educate ourselves to experience this through a different set of eyes, which we call the third eye.

However, before I explain this we should point some things out to you.

Every time you blink and close your eyes you die for a millisecond but I give you life when you open them again. Similarly when you go to sleep I safe guard your body and soul until the morning. Again you die at night but I give you life when you wake up. So every millisecond of the day, week, month, year of your life you are dying each time, but you are not aware of this. Because if you did, there is no fear as you all are experiencing this.

To explain death and give an up to date definition, we have to clear some points. Now death is part of another journey which your mother Ascended Master Saida Khatoon has described in her section as Ten Lives of the Soul.

But this is only valid for a soul who has completed the third dimensional experiences of that realm. In other words the soul cannot graduate through those stages if he has not learnt the lessons of the third realm. If he has plundered and lied and cheated his way then he would have to go through the whole realm again or move down to a lower dimension as known as hell. Once he learns his lesson, he would then move back up the third dimensional realm to relive the events and better himself.

This repeated re-incarnations has been happening over millions of years and its objective is to better the soul and raise the vibration to get to the next fourth dimension frequencies. It is important to not to match the above realm frequencies to all your targets, if you wish to ascend into the fifth dimensional world.

However, I as your Creator has watched your growth of your spiritual self and have admired your courage in living out the scenarios which has cancelled any re-incarnations for most of you, as we now approach the fifth dimensional realm.

Let’s consider a soul that has graduated and learnt all of his experiences and lessons and dies. Then he will experience the next realm, it is wise to read the Ten Lives of the Soul now.    

But some of you now are wondering what is going to happen now for this age;

Mankind will experience an upgrade of experiences through new and highly developed senses that are no comparison to your third dimensional senses. Some of you are already experiencing this through visions, dreams and meditation. I as your Creator have made this possible and over your life have given glimpses of these higher realms so that it would not be a burden. Unfortunately some of you did not develop this or dismissed them as useless dreams. When you did this that faculty slowly diminished into nothing or a few dreams here and there.

However, I am now giving you these faculties back so that you can find the life after death back; to help you in your transition to the higher realms.

To rid of this fear of death, we ask and suggest you see and experience what happens next. Oh mankind, there is nothing to fear it is only the lack of knowledge that is why fear is present.

Once you make a connection or start noting down your dreams, the fear will disappear. But again every person has a path to lead after death too. So if you research life after death experiences, it is not necessarily your experiences, keep this in mind.

You are tired Shazi, it is time that you rest. Oh mankind, there are plenty of points that we have raised and overall you have all gained a lot of insight.

Read over this article several times and ponder in silence.

I am your Creator and will gather you up again in my arms when you die or ascend into the higher realms of existence.