EA120 - Your Reality is Your Reality


Hello Son,    

Your reality is your reality

I am your Creator and will address you now;

At night go outside and look at all the stars, they are a beautiful sight. Now look closely and start to focus on some of them. The stars you see are planets but most of them are suns belonging to different galaxies light years away.

Now ask yourselves the question, is it possible that life exists in other galaxies or did I just make one race of people on this planet?

I want all of you to research this and educate yourselves, and find the truth on the website.

At present your reality is what you see in your everyday life and the things that you and the people you come into contact with. This reality is your reality depending on your thoughts and the actions you take from them. However, this is changing for most of mankind as their energies are changing and finding themselves doing something different then before.

Be aware of all the change in routines and even the way that you think. This is moving in the right direction with the collective consciousness of the planet. This direction accepts the new frequencies and energies at this current time and propels mankind forward into another era of truth and freedom.

This reality is yours and will unfold in front of you and seek out the changes around your area and your country. But some will take more time then others depending on your governments; nevertheless the changes are coming your way so be patient and be wise.

Oh mankind, do not let these opportunities disappear or be ignored this is your reward as the days of re-incarnation back into the third dimensional realm is over for the chosen ones who have accepted this upgrade in consciousness which we call ascension and will move into the fifth dimensional realm of light bodies.

Feel the new conscious that is changing you; do you not feel happier at this time then ever before?

Oh mankind, you have indeed done very well in your lives and it is time you graduate and move forward. So change your outlook and demand the best for yourselves and let the universe provide you the abundance and wealth that you desire.

I am your Creator and the time is right that you accept the path of graduation and move into a new realm of free thinking, end of doubt and pure aspirations and love.