EA119 - Illuminate your Darkness


Hello Son,    

Illuminate your darkness    

I am your Creator and address you now;

There are certain events that we cannot reveal to you at this time and as your provider and protector it is best that you trust in your Lord Creator. Let events slowly unfold, but be assured they are happening.

However, we have sent over a hundred thousands teachers at this time to get My message across concerning ascension and your own awakening. Each one of these have been designated a group of people to awaken; this group is not small but thousands and thousands. They are all doing a splendid job and your Creator is proud that they have made an impact.

Each channeller or messenger is unique and they all possess different characteristics and interest. Their pursuit in spiritually is the same but approach of learning are unique to them.

To all of them we have given knowledge depending on their focus and questioning. To some more than others, but we do not discriminate between them for they are indeed special. You too have your favourites when you research and find the news about events.

Oh mankind, illuminate your darkness by finding things out and about yourselves.

Yes each time a new knowledge is unfolded, a spark lights up and understanding fills your mind. It is like shining a light into a dark room and seeing the treasures that exist in that place.

Like this writer, when he sits down to channel with Me, he has no idea what the words will unfold. What We have requested from him is that he must have a title or a question ready before he can channell. On some occasions that was not possible and there was no connection made.

This also implies to you all; if you research anything there must be keywords or phrases ready before anything can be revealed, just like the search engines of the internet when you type. Your mind works the same way.

Stored in the heart is the knowledge that I gave to Adam when I awakened him and blew My attributes and gave him a spirit. This spirit was My connection and link to Me.

This knowledge was transferred to his heart and the mind translated and understood the messages inside of him. For you to extract this knowledge you must know where to look, what key words to focus and the titles.

This is normally done according to your own interests and focus. A subject that you are fascinated about could mean nothing to another. Like a finger print, two minds are not alike. This was My plan that you all find your own way of learning according to your own desires.

The path to your Creator I have made many to accommodate every ones thinking and tastes. They are all equal but some take longer to find the way; nevertheless once you have found Me, the past travels seem meaningless as I make you forget the trials and tribulations. This is My reward to you for the effort you have made.

Oh mankind, you have studied for many years going to Pre School, School, College and University; it is time to stop this cycle and learn with Me. You have all learnt the basics in reading and writing and this is enough.

It is time to discover the knowledge that I first gave to Adam. Are you not curious? To every channeller I have given some of this knowledge, it is time you all seek this out. It does not matter where you start; but I will give you some advice.

With an empty mind relax and sit by your computer or go into a book shop by the new age material. Follow your inner guidance and a word will appear into your mind type this in. If you are in a book shop, look over all the books carefully and one will appeal to you, this will be the one you should read and learn.

When this is done regularly your darkness will be illuminated.

I am your Creator and understand your needs on a daily basis; I will continue to guide you unconditionally. I will forever guide your heart into the light and in all the realms of existence. You will be loved and cherished, dearly.