EA118 - Lighter


Hello Son,    


I am your Creator and address you now;

As your mind, body and soul rejuvenate, you are all feeling lighter. This is because for some of you there is less expectation. To your credit you have changed your timetables and routine leaving you with more time for yourselves. We have suggested this as far back as a year ago. Now you are all feeling the benefits.

This path to ascension is not difficult as you think, in fact a lot of you are feeling happier and lighter mentally. This is the reward I am giving you to lessen your burden in every way. The more you give to me I will triple it; meaning that I will lessen your burden in your lives.

As more time is used to contemplate, you are finding that your normal diet is not suiting you. Remember this is also a chemical change and having heavy meals are just not going to suit you. I suggest that you look back into the writers channelling on diet and read his message carefully.

Your less burden feeling is because you are letting go over the things that you used to think about. This could be little provocations in the back of your mind to angry confrontation. You are beginning to realise that to let go mentally is to give you a peace of mind. This is happening, you are all recovering quickly over stressful situations or exchanges, which normally would have got you worried.

You are changing as energies are flooding into you and harmonising the frequencies. Peace is overcoming you too as you begin to understand. Your instinct and know how is increasing daily. Your wisdom and ability to work things out in a peaceful way is becoming easier. Simply speaking you are feeling lighter and less burdened because you now understand.

Oh mankind, praise yourselves for if you look back a year, you will see the mental changes inside of you. Yes some of you are still going through challenging moments, nevertheless mentally you have all changed and know your way to ascension.

Oh mankind, did you know anything about ascension a year ago? Most of you did not. See where you have come from and how much progress has been made. The connection you are making with the rest of the world is making mankind to wake up. You are all making a difference in this reality you are going through.

I as your Creator thank you for your contributions for the aid you have given to so many people through the history of your life. I have forgotten nothing and I am rewarding you now. So be patient as the lightness mentally is your reward that you feel right now.

As you carry on researching and meditating, I ask you to pray for to those who are still in their sleep and find it challenging to awaken. There still are many people who are still in their 9 to 5 routines and cannot see beyond this.

There are many people starving and living in extreme poverty, they need your prayers.

If you lighten someone else’s burden then I will lessen yours too; you decide how you want to do this.

I am your Creator and immensely happy that you are beginning to master yourselves and your emotions. There is nothing that is beyond you so keep believing.