EA117 - Unconditional Love


Hello Son,

Unconditional Love

I am your Creator and address you now;

Mankind was sent to this realm to experience unconditional love. This is the highest experience any person can experience. This emotion is vital for the spiritual growth, to love somebody without any reward, discrimination or creed.

If you pause and analyse what it represents, this is important. Let me explain, this is exactly as your Creator what I am doing.

I do not discriminate between religions, creed, or race of people, I provide for all regardless. I created all living creatures, minerals and everything your eyes can see. There is nothing that is not made from My light and energy.

Today is a special day for relationships and most will make an effort to do something for their loved ones. I do the same on a daily basis, in fact every second. I have never stopped providing you with your needs and wants.

Oh mankind, My words have meaning so pause and carefully distract weight of these words. As you look at others, do not discriminate or assume anything for they too have a path. You are totally unaware of what type of life they have led to get where they are. Some have had challenging moments that have left them in despair, so look upon everyone with kindness and love.

This is what I ask of you.

Treat all people, regardless of religion or race equal; remember I created all of them to satisfy every person. All the religions are from Me, and I have sent Prophets and Messengers to safe guard them and their interest. Many had gone astray and yet through My mercy and love, I directed them back to the source and path of your Creator.

At this moment I am shining my energy to all who read these words to ignite further the heart into action.

I am your Creator and will forever watch over you through every dimensional realm you will ascend to. Ask and you will receive, be forever humble and praise your Creator.