EA116 - Fact or Fiction


Hello Son,

Fact or Fiction

I am your Creator and address you now;

Disclosure as you like to call it did occur, but in a different plane of existence; however with so many people all around the world doubting the event, or being complacent or simply watching the event, this did not manifest.

The key word is manifest; we remind you these events unfolding this year can only happen if you all believe in them strongly, then it will happen. There is no time for, not to believe.

Do you doubt these words, are they fact or fiction? Ask yourselves, have we caused you any harm? The answer is definitely not.

This circle of confused thoughts over messages and different channellers is caused by you the reader. They are all correct as they have all been channelled through the higher consciousness.

Oh mankind, your light is manifesting inside you all and is awakening, so do not doubt. Your belief is the key to success as the energy surrounding you feeds the environment. Others will absorb this light and they too will begin to awaken and understand.

If you doubt, then believe, then doubt again, you will emit confused energies in the cosmos of your surrounding. Leave these news and happenings to those who I have instructed.

Your part in this time is also crucial, and belief in yourself, is the start. The rest will then fall into place and so will your lives. Experiences in this life will continue and you will learn through your own instinct and refined logic. The old energies in your bodies is engaging and reconnecting to the source of your higher self.

Oh mankind, keep an open mind so that you are not disappointed in the events that are unfolding. It is this expectation that makes you all lower your vibration for a short while. Remember I know what is best for you and the planet so trust in me and my messengers who are guiding mankind to this glorious event.

I as your Creator, have thought of everything over the coming year and it is your choice that will determine what path you will lead. So be wise in all of your decisions and ask advice to those who you trust. Then let the events happen.

Oh mankind, remember to seek the truth of this world and its histories which are now coming out. You past literature and historical texts have been falsified so to control you and keep you in the dark. But through the correct websites, these articles are now being submitted all around the world as more and more people are directing there energies to the truth.

The truth is essential to unclog any old and buried memories in your subconscious. These are slowly replacing, with new ones that will nourish you. False and incorrect memories only stay with you for a short time and cause confusion. However, the truth ignites the cells and revitalises gives everyone a new lease of life.

Trust in your reading that you do and your own inner voice and instinct will guide you.

I am your Creator and advise you all to read my messages again and again to understand its meanings. You are forever loved and cherished in My heart.