EA115 - Clear Principles


Hello Son,

Clear principles

I am your Creator and address you now;

It is wise of you to continually read My messages regularly over and over again to absorb the hidden messages inside each sentence, so that you may pause and pursue the path with authority and greater interest.

All the Prophets of the past are examples of perfect people who led by principles and carried the message and spread the word on My behalf. The word ‘principles’, is very important.

As you move closer and closer towards the path of spirituality, it is wise to have clear principles which do not provoke misunderstanding. However, I do accept that on occasion strong words are needed to keep some people in line, which is necessary to keep the balance.

The most principle of all is you speak the truth, conduct yourselves in the best manner as possible. Everything you do is the best, according to your ability, and the people you come into contact with on a daily basis are like your family so do not dismiss them too easily as being useless.

It is they whom you are learning from as part of your experiences of this realm.

A person who has principles is special, because he pauses and thinks things through before he commits himself. Wise are those who do this on a daily basis in there walks of life.

This does not mean that you become serious and fearful, remember I have forgiven your sins to do not fret over things. Instead be happy; enjoy the moments that need celebrating. It is wiser and more fun to do so.

Enjoyment and happiness makes you forget the misery, stress and worries in your lives. It is a tonic of love vibrational energies cleansing and washing away the lower vibrations away.

Lead by example so that others will follow your lead.

Having principles is a path of its own and it is a higher spiritual path. Be clear in the things that you do so that negative vibrations do no manifest in you and in the surroundings of where you are.

You are all special and I admire the dedication and acceptance that you have shown. You truly do believe.

I am your Creator and continue to watch and guide you to your hidden secrets within yourselves.