EA114 - Mental State


Hello Son,

Mental state

I am your Creator and I address you now;

Once you have relaxed and found the peacefulness by whatever means, in silence, meditation, nature and contemplation then you can start planning your next plan of your perfect self.

It is important that you praise, love and admire the things that you have done in your life. This is important rather then dwelling on the past mistakes, disagreements or even failures. They were only trials and tribulations of your life to get to this point in 2012.

It is easier to say that you have forgiven yourself but your memories will remind of this daily or weekly or monthly. There is an endless conveyor belt of memories reminding you of this and that, which do not help your cause; it is time to leave them in the back of the mind.

Mankind’s mental state needs to be controlled. We can do this by accepting the situations in our lives were dependent of the situation. Now that you are wiser and looking at the past with different pair of eyes, it is time you said to yourself it was all part of your upbringing and that whatever you did or did not do was the best in that circumstance.

In a real situation and time, we sometimes make rash decisions that we regret, however it is the past and it is time to forgive yourself, or even it does not matter because your life at this time is far more important and it is.

Once you practice this acceptance regularly then you can move on to meditate on your perfect you.

It is important that you actually believe this that I made you, and you are a complete vessel with my light and knowledge inside your heart.

Now knowing all this you must find yourself. This is the time in this period to find yourself and yes I have repeated Myself to make sure you have got the message. I could tell you how your bodies will permeate with light and merge with the fifth dimensional world and more; but this is for another time when it will make a lot more sense.

Oh mankind, the pollution you are carrying is diminishing daily and you are well on your way to the path of ascension but still there is much to accelerate the process.

I as your Creator am making the necessary changes around the planet to help your mind be free from the stress. I am aware of the financial plight of you all and have instructed my messengers and aids to finish this mess once and for all. This is happening right now and sometimes the good news is not available to celebrate, but they are slowly being implementing.

Now you understand how it is important to balance your mind and accept the things in the past, as a learning curve in your life. You will be able to move on.

To help your cause, if you are reading these words and willing to spread the words on this website, then I forgive all the sins of your past. Now smile and be pleased and give thanks to your Creator.

I have lightened your burden.

Now concentrate on yourselves and make time to relax and be away from stressful routines. It does not matter how many times I say this.

Now be yourself which you are all filled with the love vibrational frequencies racing through your bodies and igniting the cells which is merging with your mind, body and soul.

I am your Creator and willingly helping and guiding you to the path of ascension as long as you believe and praise Me along the way.