EA113 - Evolution


Hello Son,


I am your Creator and address you now;

Mankind should remember these words, and the writer has already mentioned this in various earlier channelling. This is the final evolution of your soul if you so desire. After several, dozen, hundred, thousands of re-incarnations and re-birth into numerous dimensional realms, you are now ready to ascend.

As we have mentioned earlier and we will constantly remind you of this, the choice is yours if you wish to ascend. If the answer is yes, then read the words carefully;

Oh mankind, most of you have not matched the fifth dimensional frequencies to go into ascension; but do not be alarmed or be concerned as I will help you in this transition. However, there is a lot you can do;

Your bodies are still vibrating in the third dimensional realm as most are tied into their routine and playing out the events and scenarios of the planet through your own thought processes. These need to be controlled for your lives to be changed into something different.

I will now explain; the fifth dimension is governed through your own thoughts through telepathy, but if your thoughts are scattered then you have not matched that frequency in the realm.

It is time you cleanse your thoughts.

These thoughts are confusing most of you, this is because you have not changed your routine to an easier and stress free one. How can you all meditate or contemplate in the higher dimensions if your lives have not changed? The same emotions are experienced each day as you do the same things.

My dear children, think of my words and analyse what I am saying, if you are running around doing the chores, work routines and other things, THEN as far as I am concerned you have selected the life which you are living, over the fifth dimensional world.

In plain and simple words, slow down and think about yourselves, you will make yourself ill, and then you will call out My name in anger, as though it is My fault. But no, I have always given you free will to choose so there should be no complaints.

The other condition is when someone just sits in one position and does not make any effect and expects things will come to him or waits for someone to do their work. This too is not acceptable and will lead you further away from the truth and ascension if you desire.

If you study the lives of Prophets, Saints, scholars and wise people, they all had to go through challenging moments to understand the needs for themselves and make a connection with Me.

The third realm is luring you away and has led millions away from the path as they think that what they see is real and everything else is false. How can this be; I ask you this, can you make a seed germinate and grow into a planet? Do you know during its life time how many leaves it will grow? I as your Creator do as I have ordained the precise instruction the seed to do as it is programmed to do.

Oh mankind, be assured and I truly love you all so do not be down or feel confused from these words, but be inspired. Say to yourself, ‘I will ascend through the realms’, and believe in this.

Relax and relax again, until your thoughts are calm, smile, praise Me then contemplate or meditate or whatever works for you to control the chatter in your minds. This is your first step and I will communicate with you again to guide you through the next.

I am your Creator and advising mankind on the needs of yourself at this time, be happy and inspired that you have found someone who can communicate My words to you. I love you each day and even more.