EA112 - Stay Away


Hello Son,    

Stay away

I am your Creator and will address you all;

It is time that you all stay away from the lies and the cheats that is played from the media to incite the public into frenzy. This will only lower your vibrations and confuse you into thinking something else.

The last of the dark individuals are playing out their games, but it will not stop mankind from ascending as they think it will. Be assured the news in the world is false and it is wise to stay away for a while to compose yourselves and retune your vibrations.

The next six weeks will see a rapid increase in awareness for mankind and for learning the path to ascension. It will become easier for all of you soon to talk to others on the subject. You personally should not be concerned and carry out your individual mission to wake up the masses of people all around the world.

Your message is multiplying so be not concerned, they are reading your work so carry on.

Oh mankind, retune your frequency to find your own messages from the higher self. I am sending My energies to you to help you. These six weeks of high vibrations will make it easier for you all.

But at the same time, stay away from stressful situations, egoistic people who want to bring you down or anything that will make you upset. Stay in the higher vibrations of love and harmony leading you into a happier atmosphere inside your minds.

I am sending news out to you for what you are asking in your thoughts and you should be able to access them when you seek this out. Ascension is on everyone’s lips and I as your Creator, am excited for your choices that will lead you away from the stress of the third dimensions.

Oh mankind, hear my words and stay with people who speak the truth and spread peace and harmony to mankind. You are much loved and cherished and I have not forgotten you.

Raise your vibrations in anyway you can.

I am your Creator reminding you all to stay away from negativity.