EA111 - Noise, too much of it


Hello Son,

Noise, too much of it

Oh children of light, I am your Creator and I address you now;

There is still too much pollution and noise in the world and this is distracting you from reaching your path quickly to ascension. This noise we refer to is in your minds and the chatter you create as a result.

This is still a barrier to most of you and this is stopping you from communicating with Me. You have still a long way to go to control your thoughts and silencing your minds.

This noise that is created in the mind is from the television, radio and music that you listen, and hum too. For a while or even a day switch everything off and sit down and think of Me as your guide and Divine Creator.

This is possible for all of you, otherwise you will not achieve the link that you desire whilst others have made this link and are enjoying the benefits.

This enjoyment is the link that they have with Me and the peace and happiness that I have given them. When you start communicating with Me, you will begin to understand your purpose, and your path will change.

The most simple and easy way to start communicating with Me is to start talking to Me your Creator. Talk to Me as I am your friend and trustee, no one is going to ridicule you, if you so wish in your mind perhaps. If you do this regularly your focus will change and it will make it easy for you in your mediations.

Otherwise the noise will remain and it will misguide and lead you away from your perfect intentions. If you have another suggestion and it works then carry on with that, I will meet you ¾ of the way when you start walking in my direction.

Oh mankind, I listen to you in your thoughts each and every day, but you only call Me when you are in need. Why not call Me on a regular basis continuously, I always will listen and can hear you perfectly well.

Follow the path that is guiding you constantly and be aware of the continuing noise of the third dimensional world which is a chaos to some, but not to all of you.

I am your Creator and wish that you can all join Me in the fifth dimensional world of Unity Consciousness, Pure Love and Harmony.