EA110 - Balance


Hello Son,


There is a need to create and recognise the balance inside your mind. In everything you do, there is a balance that stops you from tipping over to negativity and prejudice.

As you learn to balance your lives in the sometimes chaotic world, you are harmonising the vibrations and frequencies of your body. The balance is the frequency that will make you nearer to your Creator, this is what is needed right now.

Think and ask yourself, am I in balance or am I still fighting my mind and the world. Is my life still wrapped in a blanket of stress and worries, am I still feeling gloomy over unnecessary things. Am I balanced or still falling over to hatred and mixed emotions? There is plenty of time to accept and make the changes.

Am I still proud to accept to that another had awakened me from my sleep? Am I still not talking to that person?

Do not stop your spiritual growth from these unbalanced ideas and mixed emotions that only lead you further away from your true self. Is not our words too confusing that you cannot understand?

Wake up and wake up again until you have created the balance of harmony and belief in your lord Creator that you call God.

This is what is missing in you. But do not worry as I will guide you as the Creator knows your plight and is assisting you; as long as you help yourself first.

Your mother in a continued balance she speaks and once this is achieved in you then walk into positivity and into the light. Trust and trust again in your own plight.