EA109 - Clearing the Conscious


Hello Son,

Clearing the conscious

As we walk along the road in our world with the new framework of the mind, we clear the old conscious and rid the evils that no longer belong. There is no room for the past as we are heading for a new world, infinitely better. It is time to move forward with a smile knowing the light is upon you all.

When we begin to think we sometimes condemn when there is no need so rid that thought because you no longer need it for where you are going. Centre your thoughts to a point of focus as the unity consciousness is the path in the fifth dimensional world.

No longer is there a return of the old ways but a new world built around love and pure thought full of positivity; a world if you so wish, you can live and reside there until eternity. There will be friends with the same thought and love as you have; you will instantly recognise them as your own family.

Each day your minds are being cleansed as you accept the new changes around you and others. The meeting between your heart and your mind is closer then you think as you have made the decision to walk along the path.

Ever closer is the time for change and the Creator has answered your calls, your continued help. You forget so easily when you were happy and did not praise Him enough. Be assured that He has forgiven you and waits in eagerness to communicate with you with whatever means is suitable to you.

Watch the world go by now and see the truth unfold before your eyes and the knowledge that the Creator bestows upon you.

Listen intently to each heart beat and listen again. The heart will reveal the way to you and the conscious will translate its language.

You are reaching completion of your beautiful self and the Creator looks upon you with so much pride. He never left you any time of your life, but needed you to clear the conscious of the pollution out of your minds so that He could fill it with his Divine light.

The light body will you become if you so wish; so let go of the prejudices that evils had taught or misled you to believe; thinking that they could destroy your will and identity.

Your conscious will lead you to a new you, full of love, inspiration and beauty beyond your wildest dreams.

The Creator is pouring His love and opening up the cells to inspire and educate you to believe in your success.

Victories belongs to you; so keep this in your mind through the challenging and happiest moments of the day.