EA108 - See past the Judgements


Hello Son,

See past the judgements

When we judge others good or bad, we always mean well however we can sometimes feel hurt by the words we speak; but we need to see past the judgements and be strong and seek out the meanings of these judgements through ourselves.

Every judgement needs not be an end to all of relationships, but guidance to another path that you will be able to find the truth. Life without these moments of inquisitiveness would not have got you onto this time period or anything close to ascension.

See past these judgements you make and see into the hearts of others and into your own. It is time you embrace the creations of the Divine Creator as your teachers too for every person you see is an inspiration to you as they too walk the same path. Every mistake is only small slips so do not judge yourselves too harshly as the Creator is not, too.

See inside yourself and see how beautiful you are.

Your mother in moments of inspiration only few words are necessary to say this message.