EA107 - This Planet was built on Truth


Hello son,

This planet was built on truth

Every where you look there is evidence that the Creator created every living entity with His Divine power. There is no doubt that truth is staring at you. If you are so able then create anything, if you can. You will not be able to create a tiny fly without His power and guidance.

Oh mankind, the Creator reminds you that My love for you is immense and though you are going through challenging times, the planet was built through immense love for everyone and everything.

I as your Creator address you now.

I your Creator trusted your oath from the time when I first breathed life into you. I trusted you to dwell on this planet for a time until when you would be raised up to your former glory. This is the time and I am proud that you have made it to this time period. I never doubted you and I continue to trust you to care for the moments that are left before ascension.

The trust I have in your decisions, is still there so do not dwell on your past misdemeanours for I have forgiven you. I want you all to focus on yourselves without looking back into your past. Instead look at the future and contemplate on it.

As I have trusted you in this time line and continue to do so. You should now trust yourself that you will continue with your time in helping and guiding others to the truth. Be mindful to those who have not reached the vibrations as you have; so choose your words carefully.

Advise others and live the life in happiness and enjoy the surroundings that I have given. I as your Creator built the world so that you would give thanks. I continue to watch over you to when the choice would be made if you wish to ascend or repeat the path of third density. Whatever you select I will continue to trust your judgement.

Do not squander the time on items that only give you short moments of happiness; but seek the everlasting joy within your mind and heart. I your Creator know what is best for you and it is the reason I set a path that sometimes you questioned Me and even cried out My Name.

Each time I heard you and I then inspired you to make you stronger and live out those moments; hoping that it will ignite the spark within your minds and hearts. I too felt like crying when you felt hopeless and I know that you will not forget these words as I address you now.

I ask you now to seek out the desires and rid of them if they stop you from your path of ascension. Instead spend your moments on contemplation of Me, as your Creator and provider through all the dimensions through every realm of your journey.

I continue to walk with you and listen to your hearts and admire your courage. This year is going quickly as I have speeded the time. Oh mankind, I leave you now and want all of you to find Me and trust in Me as I have always trusted you.

Your Creator through the higher consciousness I address you and give My heart to you. I will guide you through the dark hours of the night until the morning when you wake up. I will guide you when you go to work and will inspire you when you call out My Name. So continue to trust in Me and My Messenger.