EA106 - Dissolving


Hello Son,


There is considerable anticipation amongst yourselves concerning ascension and awakening, be assured that it will happen to you. Your ascension and into the fifth dimension is guaranteed, but there are things that you can do in the mean time.

Your experiences in this realm are invaluable as they are making you stronger and thought provoking. This is necessary for your spiritual growth as each experience is a light that shines the darkness within. Each chore or situation in your worldly life is an awakening for yourselves, so be patient.

Oh mankind, it is time to let go of your routines and sit in silence; the Creator is now calling all of you to dissolve yourselves into the arms of the Creator. Much time has been lost not knowing His existence, but you know. In silence you can contemplate on the Divine Creator, so that you too can access the knowledge he too desires for you.

Never diminish your value during these sacred times, as you are much loved and cherished by all your friends and family. Lift yourselves up and feel the excitement of 2012. Then contemplate again and every spare time.

A new wave enters your planet to give you all hope, so dissolve yourselves into silence. It is coming; your higher consciousness is coming and calling you. This is the Divine word and it will lift you up and forget the past misery and push you to the correct path for your next journeys of your soul.

Never forget that you are all teachers and your experiences in your life are necessary to get you into this time period. Shortly you will begin to understand these past moments and what it did for you. Some of you are beginning to realise the truth as you sit in silence and think of these moments.

Spend as much time as possible learning about yourselves and the truth through various means. Your ascension is guaranteed so do worry about this; instead focus in silence and be yourselves and free the mind of the worries.

Relax and enjoy the experience and even the challenging times, except them with a smile knowing that it will soon pass away; think about the victory of mankind and visualise where you are heading too. Remember it is the fifth dimensional world of psychic awareness and your own perfect light body.

You will not be alone as your family and friends will be around you enjoying the moment. All your past friends and family’s will rise from their graves and they will ascend with you, regardless of their past deeds, they have been forgiven, so think well of them.

Your relatives will embrace you as they know that they have won the victory of themselves and the turbulent realm they have all come from. So you too feel happy inside that victory is but a few moments away.

To ease your progress your Creator has speeded up time; so give thanks to Him now.

Your mother; advising you all to let go and dissolve your personalities to a point.