EA105 - Who you are


Hello Son,

Who you are

How can we remember our past?

In the beginning we were all light beings and we had access to Divine knowledge and used this daily. However, this was in another dimension but soon we will remember these memories and use these lost qualities.

Be assured the year will go quickly, so there is no need to count the days or months. Oh mankind, the reward is coming to those who believe and have spent there time well on Earth. Those are the people who were kind to all of his creation and those who repented their sins and heed the advice from the Creator.

As the days go by, a Divine change will revolutionise those bodies who wish to ascend. Every cell will reveal the knowledge within and we will be able to interpret this. Slowly and surely, little by little, through revelations, flashes of images and dream, we will start to remember.

This is already happening to people all over the world and they are adapting the knowledge to fit into this Divine new dimensional change of the fifth dimension.

The first signs are, when there’s a desire to change ones routine and do something different. By doing this we start to disconnect to our robotic routine which gave rise to the same thinking.

By making this change, new ideas will develop with a new insight to connect with our higherself. Once a connection is made the spark will ignite the conscious with the higher consciousness; then fresh ideas and memories of the past will slowly be revealed; as long as there is a desire to know this knowledge.

There is no compulsion in learning, the Creator wishes the best for mankind and every desire He tries His best that they are entertained. However on occasions He decides that it is not wise, as some of your wishes due to harm or an incorrect future outcome then He intervenes.

The Creator wants to remind you that to the fifth dimension, this is mankind’s reward for showing your tolerance in the never ending trials of ones life. Once this is achieved then mankind can ascend into the even higher dimensions if he so wishes; but one step at a time.

Your mother; reminding that there are experiences still to be learnt in the third dimensional world.