EA104 - Evolving


Hello Son,
How will mankind evolve this year?
When you channelled with me last year, we said then that after 2012 the moment of changing ones minds for ascension would be over. This has to be said before we answer your question so that the importance for this year will be understood.
In the last two years, mankind all over the world has received wave after wave of energies to waken them up. This has been a gradual process so that the body will not go into stress and not to oppose on freewill.
During this time mankind has been able to intellectually understand what has been happening on the world stage and politics. It was very important to know the truth and mankind was too inspired to search out the truth for themselves.
Those who did are ascending very quickly and have admitted to themselves that changes that will happen this year are part of the Creator’s plan to ascend mankind into the next realms of consciousness.
As each month goes by, news of changes in the world will be wide spread as mankind demands this to take place. It is everyone’s will power and visualisations that are making these changes to occur. Without this we will be totally oblivious to the ascension of mankind.
You have all experienced the changes within and even are amazed, if you look back a year ago on how much you know now. This rapid increase of knowing is your success as you begin to understand the energies around the world which are manifesting in everyone. This waking people up to the truth and we say again inspiring you to do something different, and to find the truth of your final journey of the third dimension.
All of a sudden in the past two years, there has been an increase of news on the internet about 2012 and the coming events. We have catered for everyone and the different types of beliefs to get the message across. But we do admit in places in the third world it has been difficult and some are totally unaware. Whilst others who do not want these changes to happen as they are too comfortable in their own lives.
The biggest changes will happen to those who want the change. Those who are awake like our readers will experience cellular changes prior to the ignition of your heart and consciousness.
At present, you are all being tuned to the fifth dimensional frequencies and some to higher frequencies depending on your own desires. These subtle changes inside the body will make way for the influx of knowledge and truth. This when it happens, will cleanse you further and will inspire you to take action.
You will feel less about the world and what is going on, as you will realise to raise your own vibration is the best outcome for yourselves. This understanding is already happening to some of you and each day the amount of people knowing will increase.
This partial detachment will mean a better connection with your higherself and you will find that some will start channelling and searching the truth for themselves. 
This is an important change for mankind and must be the focus of all of you to make this connection. To your credit, you have awakened as you as a person from all the rest realised the truth was missing in your lives and made your own way to the path. As this was done consciously, the Creator answered your prayers and sent a messenger and inspired you to do something, which you all did.
For mankind it is important that you carry on learning and searching for the truth within yourselves for the benefit of yourself. Your collective energy is awakening the people around you and harmonising the chaos with in your areas.
You are all teachers as you go about your business each day. There is nothing that is going to stop you from reaching your goal of ascension, so carry on and educate others to the truth.
There are others around you who still need the experiences of this world to fulfil their own path of their lives, so let them find there own way. God has a plan for everyone so it is important not to impose on their free will.
You are all the shining light that will collectively branch out to the rest of the universe.
Your mother who in silence found the truth and wishes that you too find the same path as she did.