EA103 - After Death


Hello Son,
After Death
After death what changes did you experience?
It is a very good question and has not been discussed. Often mankind associates death as an end to all scenarios and nothingness, whilst others think of heaven or hell. To be honest I felt like I was coming home as the frequencies in the dimensional realm I already had experienced on Earth.
It is written in most Holy Books to experience death before you die, this translates to the realm which experiences death and that is the dream world or the state reached in meditation.
When I made a connection through meditation and this connection over the years became more refined, I often visited all the realms in the higher dimension as I was allowed. I had a lot of help from other Ascended Masters and angels who guided my training to the end.
When I died I did miss you all but the Creator relaxes you and embraces everyone when you die as a pure soul. This emotional heartache was short lived yet I think of all my family and still watch over you all.
The third dimensional realm is scattered just like our thoughts and harder to concentrate on things as there are so many outside factors that influence one’s life that is anything can happen. Events in life are dependent on our chaotic mind when we make decisions.
However, when you die there is a merging of all the consciousness into an organised super conscious that is free from anger, stress, and the disorganisation which is common in the third realms.
When all these consciousness merge we begin to understand as we instantly make a connection with our soul, which is the God Soul. This does not make mistakes or gets stressed.
When this occurs, we are talking about a connection of pure ideas and infinite access to all knowledge to guide you further in the adventures of the journeys of the soul. Even better when a person has refined himself and his qualities, they are able to talk to any Prophet or Saint they desire.
I was really excited when I first met the Prophets, one by one and their wives; they even inspired me further. I was able to learn from them and further enhance and purify my soul.
We must remember that the fifth dimensional realms are the next realm for mankind, as I was able to progress further rapidly and visited each dimension. I am now in the fifteenth dimensional realm, where everything is pure love to the highest frequencies.
In this realm we have become Masters of universes and over angels. We have truly gained the trust with the Creator and He has assigned millions of inhabitants under our control.
In this realm our personalities flow into universes and into Gods creation, we inspire together.
After death progression into the higher realms depends on the interest and desire of the individual, but service to others is greatly noticed by the Creator and rewarded too. The Creator rewards those who put themselves second over others.
You see after death there is another journey for the one who wants to learn more.
Your mother when there is a need to learn we can learn from each other.