EA102 - Saint Germain - Part 7


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 7

I am Saint Germain and greet you once again with my open heart and a blessing from the Creator, that all is well in your life. I wait for your next question.

Dearest Saint what steps are happening at this current time?

There is an emotional battle going on as one is coming to terms with their conscious changes. There are chemical changes as light from the universe and Mother Earth combine to permeate through to the cells of everyone.

Without this chemical kick start, mankind will still be heavily grounded on the Earth realm and totally unaware of these current changes.

As minds are opening up there are going to be a lot of mixed emotions and sometimes anger, but once this is over then peace will overtake everyone. You are all aware as mentioned earlier in your channelling that mankind is to move to the fifth dimension and he must let go of all the emotional baggage; once this has been done then he will match the frequency of this new realm.

It does not matter if this is repeated several times over and over again, because from time to time we need to be reminded. As the world can easily make us lose focus, such as our busy lives are.

However, there is a silver cloud and a happy ending once this emotional cleansing is taking place because I want you all to take it positively as these are the major steps or even giant leap towards ascension and beyond. So take the remaining months with a smile knowing the outcome is victory for you all.

There are many experiences everyone will go through, until then sometimes on rare occasions things may seem impossible but, you will succeed over each hurdle. This is because life is based around random events and interactions with other people that clash and cause friction.

You will ride over these clashes and events as your wisdom and pure thoughts will make you stop and think things through. You will also evaluate an outcome that will lead others happy and satisfied.

This is the year for gaining perseverance and patience; if you show this to others they will follow your lead. Remember you are all teachers guiding others to the path of ascension.

Whilst this is happening at a personal level, economically the systems of finance are breaking or should we say finance for the rich are breaking.

Economically the dark lords who have had the lion’s share of the money around the world have to surrender and they are doing. There monies are being confiscated whilst a few submit and handing over their wealth as they were earned corruptly.

In an earlier channelling you have mentioned this and once the finance and misery of debt is over, mankind will be able to relax and finally open their minds. Due to intense pressure it has been hard concentrating on ascension.

Is there another question you like to ask Shazi?

How is the NESARA program going to be implemented?

At present over 100 countries around the world have agreed to this program and are keen to start immediately; however the western world who hold the power over the third and the rest, are still fighting over their rule and power.

We do not want to intervene at this moment it is because they are fighting and destroying each other. Greed as you know can make a person blind to the truth; in their case it is power as well. They are getting desperate as they are slowly going bankrupt.

The companies they own are too heading in the same direction and soon there will be announcements every week of companies around the world going into administration or bankruptcy. Look out for this news as this will be an indicator when the NESARA program will start.

For some it cannot be sooner, but remember that wealth is just paper or just a number on a computer screen telling you how much you have in the bank. Think about this and remember the most valuable asset you have right now is your intelligence and spiritual awakening, for this is worth millions.

Do not worry too much on debt; it will soon be forgiven when the NESARA project will happen as the financial system will collapse soon.

I am Saint Germain and I send my love to unite with your love inside your minds. I bid you farewell and leave you to your heart and consciousness.