EA101 - Saint Germain - Part 6


Hello Son,

Saint Germain – Part 6

I am Saint Germain and I greet you with my open heart and wait for your next question.

Dearest Saint what advice can you give to those who are awake?

All those who are reading these words, then you are awake. A messenger came to you, sent by the Creator himself to wake you from your slumber. If this was Shazi then he has awakened you to the truth, and we should give our thanks.

You have listened and you have stepped forward in giant leaps to the path of ascension. It is to your credit that you made these steps and continue to do so. It is wise that you carry on raising your vibrations until you match the fifth dimensional realms. The quicker you do this the better the outcome will be. However, do not be frustrated, the Creator has laid out a plan and a path for everyone of which some will still need to be firmly grounded to the third dimension to go through further experiences.

Do not toil with your mind or compare with others, as the race for the fifth dimensional realm is the same for everyone. Let the tension and worries be released from your body, and accept if things become challenging then perhaps there are lessons to be learnt in your predicament.

Mankind, do not worry about your loved ones as they too have a path they must tread before they understand and wake up. Accept the Creators plan and look forward to the outcome when mankind will celebrate.

As you begin to understand the Creators plan by enriching yourselves by reading other channellers, it is suggested you open up the rest of the dormant cells of your mind and heart.

Once you start reading and create the enthusiasm, more light will flood into your body and this will make understanding easier. The Creator will give you wisdom in reasoning for the remaining time you have in this third dimensional realm.

When wisdom overtakes you and you have found the source to your answers then it is time that you pass on this knowledge to others, so they too may understand and the excitement that you feel.

To awake others is sacred and the reward is fulfilling and everlasting according to your wishes. Be a teacher and advise others in their personal issues to ascension and everything in between.

I suggest to those who wish to follow the path, spiritual knowledge demands high standards in etiquette and diplomacy when communicating with others. You are the bench mark for others to follow. It is why standards must be high.

Every step you take must be methodical and respectful. Do not worry through regular practice, watching carefully and not being too hasty, you will be successful. Remember the Creator is on your side helping you along with all your decisions.

The most important tool in your bag is meditation and this must be done regularly without fail and in silence. Do not do meditation in a noisy environment; demand others to be silent when you are performing this duty; otherwise in the early hours or the end of the day when noise levels are but a minimum is better.

I am Saint Germain and bid you farewell in the company of your own heart and consciousness. Once again respect to you and your family.