EA100 - Saint Germain - Part 5


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 5

I greet you with my open heart and await your next question.

Dearest Saint, Can you explain how this cleansing of mankind is taking place before ascension?

In one sentence we must understand this is the emptying of the mind.

I will now explain what this mean; mankind is to inherit the knowledge of Prophet Adam, the knowledge of the Names as you call it. We must go back to the first encounter with his Creator. The meeting between when Prophet Adam recognised that he was to acquire the wisdom of his Creator.

We must now recognise that in ascension and other ascensions along the dimensions this entire knowledge, if we so wish, will be bestowed upon mankind to understand why he was created.

This was mankind’s destiny from the beginning of creation and now. This we have become to know and is not new news, nevertheless we are beginning to understand our role in this ascension.

The cleansing which is going on is to rid the memories that we have polluted ourselves. This is not entirely your fault as mankind collectively chose a path for his life. Mankind then began to follow the culture and trend, without really understanding where he was going.

Mankind for so long found it easy to follow a leader or this trend as it was easy; not knowing that this was the destruction of his own identity. Then living in a society with limited insight, mankind soon forgot its roots of values, as the lure of technology and wealth came into existence.

The cleansing is now to make room of this infinite knowledge that will take its place of ones own memories. This does not mean that we forget everything; but we keep all our experiences. We rid ourselves the memories of incorrect teachings in our society.

The Creator is wise; He knows what to rid memories and what to keep. But we must always remember that treasure we will inherit during this ascension process.

We must also remember to rid the things in our lives that keep us away from the path. I leave this to your interpretation as you already know of this. Mankind is wise and knows what is best.

However, this cleansing should be a small task; if we keep on saying to ourselves that we are going through this process then we will not reach our goal in time. It is time we make a pledge that we will get through this quickly so that the learning and acquiring knowledge can take place.

For every person in the world there is a teacher, and this teacher is waiting. If this window is closed then the golden opportunity will be lost. Then mankind will go back to its mundane routine in darkness, forever withdrawing from the light.

In your channelling you have already mentioned this in so many words that it is time to make a choice and decision. This time must not be lost in apathy.

Learn, and then learn again; because the Creator is sponsoring all of mankind to the truth of yourselves. Wisdom is better than not knowing ones aims and goals in life.

It is time to seek out the path you wish to take, but remember, we are refining ourselves to move through all the dimensions and up to the fifteenth.

I am Saint Germain and bid you farewell leaving you with the company of your own hearts to enrich the minds of mankind so they too may understand.

With my light I shine upon you and keep you in my heart.