EA099 - Saint Germain - Part 4


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 4

I am Saint Germain and greet you again and await your question.

How do we make our higher consciousness work for us?

The higher consciousness or the voice of the inner body is the God particle or consciousness that links us with the soul. Without this link we would not be able to function or make any decisions. This miracle of God helps our conscious to make decisions whether beneficial or not depends on the person’s logic mind making the final decision.

There are thousands and thousands conscious thought during a daily routine of life and our logic mind deciphers and works out there meaning.

If a person believes in God or nature or a higher being in the Creator and links this with the higher consciousness, then that person is able to make sense or make a connection with their higher self.

However, just in the last twenty years, this information has slowly been introduced to the masses of people all around the world. You have to understand that mankind has totally been oblivious to this type of thinking. Only now spiritual or new age books are readily available.

Only five years ago it would have been laughed about if any person mentioned about spirituality and listening to their higher self. Even now this is unbelievable to some people. We have to accept that a person will never understand and some do not want to understand as they are too comfortable with their lives. Some even will say that they are far too busy.

I pray for those people who are still blind to the truth.

Going back to the question, once this decision or intention is made that we have a higher self and this is connected to God, then things will happen to us. However, we have to accept also that some are not meant to communicate with their higher self or even channell.

It is like a high jumper in athletics, there is a limit how high a person can jump; so therefore our lives have been destined by the Creator. If we do not make changes to our lives, then we will carry on as normal with the program that the Creator has set us.

Only when we stop ourselves and make a life turning decision to follow the path of Prophets, Saints and the wise to the Creator, we will be able to finally make this link with our higher consciousness.

Belief in oneself and the Creator is vital for success. It is no good being apathetic over things as this will slow you down. Mankind needs to accept his surrounding and his life, whether good or bad and get on with his life.

To make this link, he must also educate himself to the truth and knowledge handed down in all of the Holy Books. This opens ups cells inside our mind which are the same used in communicating with the higher self.

It is advisable to have a teacher or advisor if things become confusing or if a person is unaware what steps to take. There has been a lot of negative things written about this topic which have confused many people. However this was in the past.

You should advise readers to read knowledge for the last five years and not anything older; unless it is a reputable source.

Once this connection has been made, we can start believing in ourselves and the decisions we make. It is suggested that everyone be positive in this approach otherwise you will be going round in circles like a merry go round of life.

In silence we should listen to what our higher consciousness is advising us, and then let things come into fruition.

I am Saint Germain and bid you farewell and look forward communicating with you again. I leave you with your heart and higher consciousness.