EA098 - Saint Germain - Part 3


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 3

I greet you with my open heart and wait for your next question.

Dearest Saint why has knowledge been kept hidden and only now it has started to filter through to the population?

Mankind for so many years has found their lifestyle too easy. For example, ready made meals and conveniences have them comfortable and simply desires for themselves have decreased.

Mankind does not know what is good for them, instead they think having materialistic things and money is the best thing ever. Because of this narrow thinking if the Creator showed then a path, they would not have recognised it and would simply turn their cheek.

For so long this is what has been happening all around the world; I call it too much complacency like you do. So it has not been kept hidden but the opposite it has been here all along, but mankind have simply not bothered as the only target for themselves has all been materialistic values.

The Ascended Masters and your own mother Ascended Master Saida Khatoon sat down and held a meeting ten years ago to raise awareness of these times. In fact twenty years ago the Creator led the way to a new wave of spiritual masters around the world to aid in awakening mankind for this moment in 2012.

I agree that it has been difficult to get mankind to shakeup their limited ideas and get them to realise that there is a happier dimension in the fifth dimensional realms. It has not been easy.

When we held our meeting we requested that mankind needed a lot of help and there were insufficient spiritual masters to help the cause. We called out a distress call to all the galaxies to help the cause in the ascension of the planet and the galaxy we are living in.

This task is far too much for the Ascended Masters so help was needed. The call came from other extraterrestrials around and in this galaxy.

With their help, there has been a greater acceleration of people waking up to the cause, and only now they have realised that there is a Creator in God and unlimited spiritual knowledge.

We invented the internet years back to help in the cause of learning and getting the message across to the rest of the population by inspiring them. When this program was implemented information was readily available.

So we started to inspire spiritual masters like the lightworker, monks, priests, shamans and other spiritual denominations of all faiths through channelled messages.

However, it is the Creator who gets all the credit for accelerating the coming of ascension of mankind to make this all possible.

How do we prepare?

Mankind should go back to basics and look at themselves and try to decipher who they are; in other words what type of a person are you and are you ready to step to ascension.

If they are, then we HAVE to make changes to our lifestyles to raise ones vibrations to match that of the fifth. At present mankind is still living in the third dimensional density which is confined in such a small space when we compare this to the fifth.

We have inspired thousands of people in all the religions and nationalities to awaken to the truth. The messages are getting through but slowly in the beginning. This year and the last two months of last year mankind have looked in the right direction and are waking up and learning.

What mankind need’s to grasp is that that there is a higher third dimensional realm that incorporates them into the fourth and fifth dimensions. In other words there is a doorway; they can receive the key to go into these dimensions right now.

The Creator wants everyone to experience this before they actually go through these realms. If given the chance everyone would stand up.

It is why we advise all your readers to aim high and raise your vibrations to match the vibrations to enter these realms to see and experience these realms.

Preparation is right now, not into the future or later this year. It is wiser that you assume this and get yourselves ready.

I am Saint Germain and bid you farewell and into the company of your own hearts and consciousness. I am truly honoured to talk to a higher spiritual soul like yourself.