EA097 - Saint Germain - Part 2


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 2

Dearest Saint why has mankind suffered for so long?

I greet you with my open heart and glad that you have contacted me again.

The question you have asked has a very lengthy answer but I will keep it brief.

Mankind follow into different categories depending on the decisions they make on a daily basis. It is these decisions that we are aware of that govern our daily life.

However, when things go to plan and everything is perfect, mankind slowly forget who actually provides for our daily needs, which is the Creator. As time has gone by a person with a comfortable life has negated his love for the Creator.

It is easier to say that the dark lords of the world had me grappled for the rest of my life and did not give me a chance. However, due to freewill and our own decision making, we have got to this point in our lives.

Going back to the question, mankind has forgotten his link with the Creator and as generation have gone by this link in the genes of our bodies has become just a slow frequency barely surviving.

When we are in this condition, we are at the mercy of the environment and the atmosphere around us; this includes the influences of the dark forces. Mankind needs to go back to its roots or even their own religion and start from there so that we know how to conduct ourselves towards the Creator.

When we realise as this is the case due to the mercy of the Creator, we can get our lives back together. The pursuit of money and thinking that it is money that provides for us has led us to the wrong path.

Mankind only needs what is essential rather then accumulating more of something that is only going to catch dust.

Mankind needs to remember that the Creator is the one who provides everything to the tiniest detail.

I am Saint Germain and bid you farewell. Leaving you into the company of your own hearts.