EA096 - Saint Germain - Part 1


Hello Son,

Saint Germain - Part 1

I am St Germain and you have contacted me before and I am glad that you have contacted me again.

Dearest Saint please can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Gladly, I am over three hundred years old, like you I like to keep my exact age a secret. Yes I am still alive and reside in Tibet. However, if you seek me out you will not find me as I move interdimensionally.

I serve the Creator and others in other dimensions, however this is my planet and I serve mankind.

I am in charge of the world food program and I give instructions telepathically by inspiring others to carry out my duties. I have been doing this since the end of the Second World War when hardship was immense in almost all households around the world.

I decided to create this program to help with the suffering of those countries badly destroyed by the wars. However, it has grown so much in modern times that every country is in my hands. I will continue to do this as it is my duty now as instructed by the Creator.

Dearest Saint you are aware of Ascension, how are you involved in this?

I am the creator of the NESARA program of aid and the spreading of wealth that will soon be distributed at a designated time. Like you I am much aware of people debt problems and hold this responsible for people not fully opening.

Once the corrupted dark lords of this world are behind bars or even eliminated, this program will be kick started. I thought this out, very carefully once I was aware of ascension of mankind over three hundred years ago. As a result I have set aside gold kept in a secret location to be distributed at this time of awakening.

However, the dark lords became aware of this and have held it ever since. This was also my plan as the sight of thousands and thousands of gold bars in the hands of an ordinary person would have corrupted their soul. The dark lords have been minding this for me, even though they are totally unaware of this. At the right time I will access this and will instruct my team to distribute the wealth to the rest of the world.

I too am excited that ascension is happening this year soon.

Dearest Saint what can we do to help your cause?

I know these are hard times for everyone and there is a greater need to give more. You decide amongst yourselves how you interpret these words.

I am so very pleased that your heart has my name on it, since the day almost one and a half years that you have contacted me the first time. You are held in high esteem in the spiritual hierarchy and will soon serve with us.

It is the little things that I am pleased with and so is the Creator. As you were watching live television, you saw a person in the crowd was cold. You instructed him with your mind to put his coat on. But you were not aware that person did not have a coat, but the angels carried out these command of yours and through a friend of his he was able to find a coat.

As a result, a million angels will serve you in the ascension of mankind as your reward of compassion and gratitude, given to you by the Creator.

If you so wish you can call me again at any time, but the channelling of your mother is your main desire, which I greatly admire. We work together in some assignments around the galaxy as she is a remarkable person. But you are your own person with different qualities’ grown over the years.

There is no one in the family that has fasted and remained humble in the family and will never will be apart from your mother. It is why you have been given so much and soon you will find this out.

Every person reading your channelling, is automatically a seed which is planted inside their mind. It is you who have awakened them and the family members. You are the centre of this light of ascension and I am instructed to tell you this by the Creator, so that others are made aware of this.

When one person reads your work they automatically send a beacon of light around where they live. This light spreads to others until it reaches their heart and wakens them. Did you not know of this? You do now.

We are truly humble and amazed in esteem by this. It does not matter if a dozen people read these words or other channelling as they will spread the light on your behalf, even though they are unaware of this, as all of them are. This will multiply in thousands.

When you channelled your mother a year ago she said your website will be read by thousands of people. The translation is the accumulation of these lights to thousands of people around the world. This is the equivalent to a very successful website. This will increase to millions as the years go by, do not let other people remarks put you down. They are unaware of your remarkable energy that serves you.

As you are tired I will depart, with these words;

We admire that there is not a single ounce of greed in your work.

May every single energy around the globe serve you in your command by the Creator to awaken mankind in its last journey.

May your heart envelope the world, and your light, to ignite the flame that lies dormant in so many hearts.

May you and your million angels serve mankind to the best, to waken the souls to the truth of themselves.

May you and your heart find the knowledge you further seek to learn.

You are you.

Saint Germain.