EA095 - This Year


Hello Son,

This year

There is no doubt about the changes that are going to happen to your lives; the most important is, life will be made significantly easier. Before this can happen all of you must make a greater effort to make the environment peaceful. This can be done through your contemplation of a harmonic vibration sweeping your area that will make everyone loving and caring.

When more and more people follow this guideline, your area and how people think will change. Just one person doing this can cause a ripple through the fabric of space that will cause others to reflect on what they are doing.

Making people realise their actions and what they say to others, will make society as a whole co-operative. It is the collective consciousness that makes all the difference and changes.

You are the light and the formula to heal the world. 2012 is the year when everything happens, but it can be sooner and around where you live.

You will find on the news of changes happening then realise it is not in your area. We all have to will and visualise these changes to take place, otherwise we will find that we will be lagging behind the rest of society and playing catch up.

Information and awareness is also a light that ignites the darkness of ignorance. This statement is common to all and so very true. Find things out and tell others so that they too are not ignorant of these sweeping changes.

Don’t be hasty; things will take their course at the right time for everyone. So carry on in upgrading your own consciousness, through meditation or other means.

Start meditating in groups; you will be surprised how quickly your friends and families will agree to this. We are aware some people are already doing this, but we need a greater number of you at this time to accelerate your own and others awakening.

In every family there must be a person who is hopeful, positive and peace maker; you be that person to guide, calm and alleviate the burden of the others. The turbulent world is still carrying on, and society is still toiling about with their chores and work. So friction and stress will always be there. You are the person to calm things down.

I have notice people have stopped embracing each other. An embrace is the connection of two people energies and merging as one. It is also a higher form of gratitude than saying thank you.

These little things in manners and etiquette cause higher vibrations and make others to follow your lead.

You are the perfect example to others, so believe in this and all who are reading these words. Do not rely on others but yourselves.

Your mother you are forever loved and cherished in my heart.