EA094 - You Exist


Hello Son,

You exist

You are the spark of your own life; lighting up continuously and shining others who are unlit.

Your presence is a miracle as you toil through the adventures of your daily chores and work.

There is enormous praise from the Creator who admires your bravery during these troublesome times.

You exist right now. It is because you believe in the Divine being that you call God.

His essence is your essence if we only knew, the spark is within, if you care to look.

Do not be down, as soon you will find the way to His path of enlightenment.

You awake further each time you read, as the sparks opens up the cells of your mind and lighten the heart within.

You exist daily because each day you tap into your own hearts and smile within, accessing the universal knowledge, if you only knew.

Praise goes out to you all who read and search out the truth of your own and planet existence.

You are the shining stars of the world as you ascend each day ever so closer to the fifth dimensional world of light.

Never think yourself as lower or compare to others as your life is a different path. The Creator has designed each person a different task in their lives.

As you read each sentence again, pause and extract the beauty of the Divine message for the day.

Your mother, you are always loved in the heart of the Creator, your time will come, when you will shine.