EA093 - Identity


Hello Son,


It is time for you to contemplate your own purpose for 2012. In silence find your identity and ask yourself the journey you will fulfil this year.

This year is sacred and it cannot be ignored or be complacent about; as this year is the rise of mankind, spiritually, intellectually and consciously. It cannot be ignored, find a purpose and start helping others to grow. You are wiser to do so.

The Creator wants all of you reading these words to help others in their ascension. You are all born at this time to do so, this is your identity. Help mankind to enrich their lives.

To help others is to help yourself find the conscious of your heart. If you are confused, you have two main targets; to find your path through to your heart leading to the fifth dimensional awakening, and to help others.

Your timetable has to change, if you truly are aware of what is happening this year, then change your daily routine that is keeping you away from your path.

A drastic change is not necessary but time to spend on yourself.

The Creator suggests you to remember the memory stored inside your mind to find the way ahead. Most of all purify your thoughts, keep them peaceful and free from criticism.

Your mother too had to change her own routine several times until the correct balance was achieved during her lifetime.