EA092 - Discipline


Hello Son,


Any type of work or routine requires discipline to execute it correctly and take all the benefits from the task. When discipline breaks down into patches of work at different times then we loose the enthusiasm and essence. In plain words we lack energy to carry it through to the end.

It does not matter what the task is, the principle is the same. Discipline is required with the correct mental approach. When this is missing, concentration disappears and we loose the Divine vibration that was feeding us from the beginning of the task.

We need to be exactly sure inside our minds and the action to make it happen. When this mental approach is there in our minds then discipline is required to the end. There is no quick fix in anything especially meditation, ascension and learning spirituality.

There are stages of learning before we can learn the advance knowledge, so be patient and determined. The Creator is helping us all the way so do not lose your focus or take things for granted.

If we research things through on a daily basis, we can conclude with evidence that things are happening all around the world. So do not lose hope.

You are the star in this planet at this time and your thoughts and discipline of learning are necessary to implement the changes in the near future.

Write down what you want to do and look at it each day and see how many things you have ticked off. Some things require some time, even months so be patient.

Your mother start spreading your wings and see how high you can fly.