EA091 - The Bounty


Hello Son,

The Bounty

Thought action and reward, is the law of the universe that provides you the bounty. When ones intentions are positive and our actions conscientious then we receive further rewards from the Creator.

Our thoughts are not only powerful, but are like a transistor component on a circuit board, needed to complete the connection to make it work. The energies circulating around the cosmos of the universe are waiting eagerly to provide you with this Divine power.

This energy is free and everlasting, all we have to do is think of an idea and put it into action.

It does not matter what belief system you have the process is the same as the Creator does not discriminate.

This process is the same for spirituality too; it is our pure intention and willingness to learn, and the transistor in another circuit board. When this connection is made a teacher, spirit guide or an Ascended Master is appointed to aid your learning. This too is a bounty with infinite potentials.

The processes are the same but the energies are different, nevertheless it is our intention that creates the need for the universe and Mother Earth to provide its bounty.

We should never underestimate our thoughts and ideas, they after all are coming from your higher consciousness, whether we accept them or not they will keep coming into your minds.

With the current political, social and economic changes it is time that we change our perspective to suit the current time.

Your mother in the need to join the new energies and vibrations that are sweeping the universe, in the cycle of ascension.