EA090 - Energy Boost


Hello Son,

Energy boost

Has anyone wondered why a person has more energy when they are happy compared to being drained and lethargic when they are sad.

The reason is the Creator has made this planet from His Divine attributes especially ‘ Love’; when a person is happy they make an immediately connection with this energy. When this happens they are lifted up to a higher dimension and the weight of worries and stress is quickly forgotten.

It is a reward from the Creator reminding us continuously that in this state of emotion, we are best suited to live on this planet. Furthermore, we can do a lot more things in this state as the Creator multiplies the energies, the longer we stay in this condition.

As you decide to change the routine of work, which is the correct decision to do, this has resulted in an energy boost which is felt all over the body. So do not change your mind now and ask the Creator from his bounty, for material things. Just be happy for what you have.

Oh mankind search for this energy that everyone needs at this time, it is the energy when your mind is balanced and away from the stresses of the world and work. Search in the crevices of your mind and let go of the memories that take so much space in the mind.

Forgive yourself of the past and move into a world, fresh as the day you were born. Be positive and live the moment in every day with a smile so that others can smile back too. Now absorb the planets energies and be lifted by the experience, by visualising that you are grounded with Mother Earth.

Do this whenever you are down and ask for forgiveness and thankfulness to the Creator, then leave the rest to Him to sort out. We can then carry on with our lives, freeing ourselves.

Your mother asking you all to find the energy that will lift you up into a plain of free thinking and happiness, so that you can share this with the people around you.