EA089 - Conversation


Hello Son,


Like any form of communication a person must free of all opinions to give the best advice; this means he is favouring nobody but concentrating on the topic and advice.

When we talk about family or friends, we must always consider that person whom we are talking to or about. He too has emotions, highs and lows of moods; this is because the world is turbulent. It creates, from people emotional energy, turbulence to make us unstable.

There are situations in our daily life at work or even watching T.V that upset us. When this happens our emotions can stay unbalanced for some time or even several days. We all have been in this condition as no one is exempt from this.

Then we accept us to have a conversation with that person expecting them to cheer us up or talk to them in your own emotional state. It’s not going to happen.

This period of 2012 is a mass cleansing in every aspect of the planet as we have mentioned before. Some people are going through a challenging time and need to recover in their own way and time.

Be generous with your words when you come into contact with people and expect nothing from them; but if you want to walk the path of spiritual ascension, then it is up to us to give. To give help and to give it in any way it is possible  

We need to be partial with our own opinions and cheer others.

Every person has different emotional states and they react to circumstances differently. You are all loved and no one is going to be left behind if you truly believe.

Your mother, on advice on how to show respect for others during this turbulent phase.