EA088 - Lighter Load


Hello Son,

Lighter load

I am glad that you have made some changes to things that have a burden to you; these are the things that stop spiritual growth.

We suggest that anything in your lives that is worrying or putting pressure on you, you should eliminate it. Your body is telling you to lighten this burden. Think it through what the problem is and by reducing it does this make it better or by changing the direction has it the same effect.

This is the year of mass awakening of consciousness and the end of fear and worrying. However, we must make considerable or slight changes to our lives to make this happen.

It is through action that the universe takes note and then provides its energies to write another page or even a completely new section to our lives.

The last ten years has been a big technological advancement of all sort of things; but this has meant a big rise in emotional pressure and stress. We have not really understood why technology has increased and what the benefits are. Mankind has simply abused this and as a result has had to suffer the consequences.

If we put things to good use and not over indulge then we can come back into balance and then into positivity. It’s easier to say that we need a balanced mind, but it is now important to have a positive mind to tread on the path of spirituality.

By staying positive, one has made a certain commitment to do something and take action. It is these decisions and sometimes even more decisions with further action; we learn the results that are generated from them.

Your mother requesting all to evaluate ones life and lighten each others burden; ask for help when needed.