EA087 - The Seeker


Hello Son,

The Seeker

It is time for you to find what you are looking for, as it is this which is the stumbling block that is preventing you from freeing your mind.

Once our minds are free from these worries that prevent us from doing things, then we will grow spiritually. We suggest in silence and ask ourselves what is in our minds and then get it or rid of it.

You are made to seek out the riches of the world and all realms of the universe and beyond. This which you seek is the meeting of the God consciousness. Once this introduction is made you will all be free. The answers will flow and questions will be answered at an instant.

Without this connection you will only be seeking and not know what to do in any action in all the worlds. The Creator made you with a minimal connection, enough to dwell on this earth. However, he also planted a homing beacon that lights up once a while.

The beacon lights up and informs us that it is the Creator we should be looking for through the higher consciousness. This year it is continuously lighting up and we have to address this light and go to the source.

The clues the Creator has left are enough to seek out the answers to reality. The world is but a small illusion, it is why we only use about 10% of our minds to live in. It is the 90% we should find out what it can do.

You know what you want, so seek it out and live forever in the fifth dimensional realm. It is not too late to join millions who will walk through the doors to the other side.

You know what to do, so do it, do it for you.

Change your routine as the old routine of the material world only gave you little pleasure. Remember these words carefully and in silence find the answer.

Your mother through life answers lays the secrets of the future.