EA086 - Reminiscing


Hello Son,


You will find yourself thinking about relationships and things of the past. It will circulate inside your mind, asking hundreds of questions. For example if only I had done this or that.

All these emotions and others that regularly circulate your mind, have to come to some conclusion. If they are something you think about on a daily basis then it is time to forgive yourself or learn to move on.

So much energy and time is wasted on old memories. We cannot move on spiritually if we are constantly thinking about them. Is it possible you are holding a grudge? It is wiser and higher spiritually to forgive and move on with your lives.

The Creator is helping to sort your minds out, as in the fifth dimensional world we will use extensively the mind to create and manifest things. But if our minds are not balanced then they will interfere with our thinking and we will not enjoy the benefits of our wonderful surroundings.

Analyse yourselves and ask as many questions as you can to yourself, then come to an arrangement. If it needs to be sorted with another person then do so. But be mindful because if another argument happens, then do not see that person.

If nothing has happened for days, week and months, then let it fade away. Free yourself and enjoy the empty space in your mind, afterwards. It will feel like a heavy burden has been lifted.

However, if this is not you and you feel good about yourself, then practice meditation whenever you can and read and understand about is happening, regularly.

Your mother on cleansing the mind to release the burden and weight.