EA085 - Changes


Hello Son,


We the Ascended Masters have respected the Law of Freewill in making all decisions concerning these current times. It is clear that more time is needed for the cleansing of the planet. This includes individual emotional cleansing as well as political, social systems.

We here the cries of many of you who want aid and support, but this cry is not from the majority. When the majority increases and the desire for disclosure, ascension and social changes increase then they will be respected and acted upon.

There are many millions of people who are still unaware of anything what is happening; most of them are in Asia, Africa and the Far Eastern countries. When there are changes taking place consciously, we have to respect the Law of freewill.

It is important if you desire the changes, that you all inform as many people you know as possible. This will increase the radius of people collectively.

Your mother and the Ascended Masters on the welfare of the planet.