EA084 - Sign Post to the Source


Hello Son,

Sign post to the Source

This website has been designed in such a way that to awaken the inner heart and to establish contact with your own higher self.

From the beginning in Book 1, the channelling have been carefully arranged in order to train and discipline the learner to the path of spiritual knowledge. When we begin to read through the Books in the correct order, our minds will illuminate with the knowledge manifesting inside yourselves.

This is because in each of the channellings there are power words that you can meditated on, to enhance you further if you so wish. Even by reading through the channelling on a daily basis, the spiritual being inside of you, will be awakened.

With an open mind and researching where necessary, the spiritual right brain awakens.

People will awake in different ways and in ways that is according to your own perception and how the Creator wishes to guide you to the next path.

With the guidance from the Creator, this website is made for you to awaken to your full potential and keep experiencing reality in the eyes of your souls. Every detail has been considered for the new age of people living in this world with there cosmopolitan and varied ideas.

The Creator does not discriminate between races, and so when you call out to Him and ask for guidance and help, He will definitely listen and start guiding you further. He will put challenging circumstances into your lives so that you will stop for a moment and pause to work out for yourselves the next steps you should take.

This website is a course for guidance for those who wish to experience their soul, higher consciousness and reality. There are learners who have awakened, as they have been constantly been inspired by the words and harmony in the channelling.

If you have read these channelling and have been inspired then it is your task to direct others to this site so they too can experience what you have experienced.

I the Creator ask for patience within yourselves and be nice towards yourself. You are perfect and I am waiting for you to believe in me so that I too can enjoy talking to you.

Your mother, poetry and inspiration from the words of the Creator that too has mesmerised me.